Theatre N16, Balham
6th-10th June 2017 / 7:30pm & 2:30pm Matinee

London, 1965. A woman leaves her mother, fiancée and everything she knows behind, to search for something better in another city ...

Manchester, 1985. Boy meets Girl under the serious moonlight. For The Boy, music is everything. For the Girl, everything is a new pair of trainers. They dance and fall in love as the New Romantics play, while a woman waits by the phone ...
The Present. A Young Man who feels like nobody understands him wants out of his home, his school and his life. His parents just want what’s best. Maybe he’ll find what he’s looking for in the same city his grandmother left 50 years ago ...


Cast List

The Woman: Emily Thornton

The Boy: Aaron Price

The Girl: Rubie Ozanne

The Young Man: James Demaine



The combination of writing and movement makes this a physical piece of theatre which flows with a fascinating urgency. - Theatre Weekly

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Vivid exploration of love, culture and the coming of age' - Arthurs Seat UK

A little bit of everything; it’s funny and heartwarming - Theatre Things